Great Mountains

Great Mountains are the biggest mountain range of Atamor located in the centre of the continent. Most of Atamor's rivers have sources in the Great Mountains.


Great Mountains occupy the central part of the continent and have two side ranges, which go to the south-west and south-east. Between the mountains there is plenty of valleys. Those valleys are the main place where people live in the mountains.

Forge Mountain

Forge Mountain is the highest peak of the Great Mountains and the world. The name comes from the Age of Susanne when people thought that this mountain is so high, that it reaches the Forge of Worlds.

Localized Phenomena

The western side of the range acts as a barrier on which the Cavallo Winds from the Western Steppe stop.

Natural Resources

The Great Mountains are made of granite, which is mined by the local inhabitants. Granite from this region is considered the best building material in the world.
The side ranges are rich sources of iron ore. That ore can be used to produce a high-quality iron. Iron ore can be also found in the main range, but it is of a worse quality than the southern one. However, that medium-quality iron is the most commonly used, because it is accessible much easier.
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