Golden Fields

Golden Fields are a part of the Plain of Lugia and are considered a place of exceptional beauty. Its name comes from the big areas of farmland used to grow wheat.

There isn't a place which match Golden Fields in beauty in the whole Atamor. The beauty of wheat growing on the fields seen while travelling the region is breathtaking
— Encyclopaedia of Atamor

Golden Fields are the most famous as the place of the final battle of Irenaeus' rebellion against the Empire of Atamor. Here Lady Susanne took Irenaeus to the Forge of Worlds to be her journeyman.

Lord of Golden Fields

To emphasize the cultural and historical importance of the region, kings of Lugia hold the title of the Lord of Golden Fields. The title is purely ceremonial and doesn't have any material value.

Natural Resources

It is said that recently some of the local farmers were hiring mages to perform experiments. The purpose of these experiments was to find a way for the wheat to grow all way round. If successful that would end any food supply problems in the Kingdom of Lugia as well as make the Golden Fields beautiful all year round.


Golden Fields are the destination of many Susannite pilgrimages from around Atamor. The battlefield on which the Imperial Army was defeated a small church was built and it is surrounded by flowers and statues of the commanders of Irenaeus' army.
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