Forge of Worlds

Long ago the first fire was lit in the Forge of Worlds and the Makers, who were frozen for millennia, woke up. The first Maker to wake was Lady Susanne who got to work immediately and created Atamor. When the world was ready Susanne went down to rule over her creation.


The Builder and The Storyteller

The Builder and The Storyteller are the two most powerful entities in all the worlds, past and present. They are the leaders of the Makers. The Builder maintains the Forge of Worlds and makes sure no world intersects with another. The Storyteller is the one who gives life to the worlds.

Elder Makers

Elder Makers have existed for almost as long as The Builder and The Storyteller. They have created and ruled countless worlds throughout the millennia. Currently, the Elder Makers don't forge worlds anymore. They make up the rulling council of the Makers.


Masters are the biggest group of the Makers. They are the Makers who actively create worlds and rule over them. Lady Susanne is a Master.


Each Maker is allowed to have one Journeyman chosen from the inhabitants of their world. When the world ends the Journeyman undergoes the ritual of ascension in which they are transformed into a Maker.


Titans are 3 powerful beings who protect the Forge of Worlds from dangers. They were made by the The Builder at the beginning of time.

Locations in the Forge

Heart of Existence

Heart of Existence keeps the Forge and the worlds intact. It also grants the Makers their abilities.

Hall of Remembrance

Hall of Remembrance stores objects related to every world ever created in the forge. For every world there is one representative object.


Workshops are the places where Makers create the elements of their worlds. When ready the elements are send straight to the world.
Dimensional plane
Characters in Location
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