Lady Susanne

Lady Susanne is the Maker from the Forge of Worlds who created Atamor and she is the main goddess of the land. She was the first Maker to awaken when the Heart of Existence was lit up again.

Holy Books & Codes

The most important book for the followers of Susanne is the Book of Irenaeus, which is believed to have been written by Irenaeus The Journeyman himself. It describes the vision he received from Lady Susanne and presents the tenets of the Susannite faith.

Tenets of Faith

The most important prinicple of the Susannite religion is equality of all people no matter their gender, skin colour or culture. However, it doesn't mean that all Susannites think the same. The Krakian branch of the Susannite Church excludes gender equality from its tenets.


The most important holiday in the Susannite faith is the Day of the Return, which celebrates Susanne's return to Atamor during the battle at Golden Fields.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Susanne's goal is to guide Atamor well and prepare her Journeyman to become a Maker after Atamor ends. She understands that every world must end for the Heart of Existence to be able to support new worlds. She won't stay in the path of Atamor's destruction.

Portrait of Lady Susanne made by myself in Hero Forge
Biological Sex
Long, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Cover image: World Cover by Zac Durant
Character Portrait image: Lady Susanne by Hero Forge


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