Empire of Atamor

Empire of Atamor was the major political organization in Atamor during the Age of Darkness, which started when Lady Susanne left the world and returned to the Forge of Worlds.


The Empire was an absolute monarchy, meaning that the Emperor was the supreme power in the country. However, there still was bureaucracy and imperial offices. The most important figure in the imperial court was Koschei the Deathless, an immortal wizard serving The Fallen who was also the court mage of every Emperor of Atamor.

Territorial Administration

The most important position in the territorial administration of the empire was the Warden. Wardens were responsible for maintaing order in their regions and executing the imperial law locally.

Some regions were divided into smaller administration regions. In such cases each smaller region had a Warden and there was a Lord above those Wardens. However, the Lord had almost no power outside the capital of the whole big region. This was mostly a ceremonial title.


Almost all of Atamor was ruled by the empire. Only the Western Steppe, Frozen Mountains and Erell Mountains were outside of its control.



Though it is believed that the Empire of Atamor fell after the Rebellion led by Irenaeus The Journeyman the truth is a little bit more complicated. The Empire started to decline long before. It is said that after the war with the Elves the empire has never to returned to its former strength. Even when it broke ties with the High Kingdom of Erell it was a shadow of the empire from the first half of the Age of Darkness. The Irenaeus' rebellion gave the fuel to forces which dismantled the empire.

As a result of the rebllion many countries were formed in Atamor. The new countries were, and still are, united in Susannite religion.


The official relgion of the empire was the faith of The Fallen.


1 Darkness - 1000 Darkness

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