Western Steppe

The Western Steppe is a region of Atamor located to the west of the Lake of Susanne and limited in the north by the Frozen Mountains.


Most of the Western Steppe is flat grassland. In the south there are some hills which are the source of the few small rivers on the steppe. However, those rivers are mostly seasonal. The stable sources of water on the steppe are from lakes, for example the Lake of Susanne.

Localized Phenomena

Spirit Enclaves

Throughout the Western Steppe there are regions where spirits gather. Those enclaves are particullary active during the night. Centaurs and Steppe Riders try to avoid the Spirit Enclaves as spirits are territorial and tend to react badly to tresspassers.

Cavallo Winds

Cavallo Winds are a unique phenomenon of the Western Steppe. They are caused by a lack of natural barriers for wind, As a result wind is blowing continuosly through the steppe. Usually they are from the west to the east.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the steppe is covered with grass of varied height. In the lakeside regions there are small "oases" of trees. Such places exist also in the southern hill region.


  • Horses
  • Steppe fox
  • Antelope
  • Small rodents

Natural Resources

In the southern hill region some gold can be found.
Steppe Riders
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Great Steppe
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