Long Bay

Long Bay is a bay located in the South-East of Atamor. Its western shore is the territory of the Krakian Commonwealth.
The Long Bay has provided for us from the beginning of our history. The bay is the heart of Krakia.
— Krakian scholar


The Long Bay is often called a lake with a conncection to the sea. The reason for that is the narrow pass which connects the bay with the sea. The northern parts of the bay recieve more water from the rivers than from the sea and water in this part is fresh, without sea salt. When you move south the water in the bay becomes more and more salty as you get closer to the sea.

Fauna & Flora

Due to difference in saltiness levels throughout the bay, it is inhabited by both saltwater and freshwater fish. North is the home of freshwater fauna and south of the saltwater fauna.

Natural Resources

Main resources aquired in the bay are fish, shellfish and algae.
Alternative Name(s)
Krakian Bay
Location under

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