Truso is the capital city of the Republic of Truso. The city was originally founded in the Age of Susanne because of the proximity to very good iron ore deposits in the mountains. In the times of the Empire of Atamor it was the capital of the south-western province and the biggest centre of metallurgical production in the empire.


The whole population of Truso is human. Most of the inhabitants are local people who can trace their ancestry to the time of the founding of Truso. As Truso is a trading city there are also foriegn groups, such as Lugians or Westfortans. Seeing a Steppe Rider in Truso is very rare.


The city is ruled by a city council which is controlled by the wealthiest merchant families. These are the same families that sit in the ruling council of the republic. Though offically the city government and the state government are separate they are pracically one and the same. Before the republic and in its early days there was a Mayor of Truso, but now the title is out of use, because the Doge is treated as a mayor.


  • Truso
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200 Susanne
Large city
15 000
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