Finetti Palace

The Finetti Palace! The most beautiful palace in Truso. Only the Doge's Palace is more splendid
— A Trusan noble Lady

Purpose / Function

Original purpose of the building was to house the Trusan office of the Imperial Merchant Guild. Since the fall of the Empire of Atamor it has been the seat of the Finetti Family.


The palace is built at the city square of Truso opposite the city hall and the cathedral. It takes place of three regular townhouses The facade is the most decorated part of the building. It is still possible to see some remnants of the imperial architecture in it. However, most of the palace was rebuilt after the fall of the Empire of Atamor.
Main Portal
The Main Portal, the decoration of the door, is adorned with half columns on both sides and a tympanum above the door. The tympanum shows a pig, which is an animal symbolising prosperity and wealth and is considered a lucky charm.


The Finetti Palace, previously known as the Guild House, was built in the Age of Darkness as the seat of the local office of the Imperial Merchant Guild. From the first day of the palace's operation it had a part which served as a home for the chief of the guild's office.
After the Fall
When the Empire of Atamor fell the Imperial Merchant Guild was disbanded. Benito Finetti, the chief of the local guild's office, took the Guild House into his possesion and turned it into his family house. He tried to remain neutral in the fighting which preceded the formation of the Republic, but was forced to take part. He was supplying the fighting sides with weapons.
The Republic
After the peace talks organized by Paolo Rossi and the formation of the republic Benito started to organize his trade network on the continent. In that time the palace was rebuilt to serve primarily as a residence.
Founding Date
450 Darkness
Alternative Names
Home, Guild House
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Owning Line
Trusan Line

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