Westfort is a human city on the east coast of the Western Steppe.


Majority of the inhabitants are Trusan and Lugian. Those groups also have the most power in the city. The third biggest group are the Steppe Riders who live in a village just outside the city walls.


The day-to-day operations of the city are managed by the city council made up of the members of the wealthiest families. From among themselves the council chooses a mayor.
Above the city council and the mayor there is a governor who is the lord of the city. The governor is appointed through an agreement between the Republic of Truso and the Kingdom of Lugia. It has became a tradition that there is a Trusan and a Lugian governor alternately. The governor has the right to propose resolutions to the city council. He can also veto any resolution passed by the council. In the event of a siege the governor takes command of the city guard.


The city is surrouned by stone walls with watchtowers. There is also a castle in the southern part of the city. The castle has a double function. It serves as the main defensive element of the city as well as the residence of the governor.

City Guard

City Guard is a small force tasked with upholding the law in the city. In emergencies they can serve as a military unit, but it isn't their primary function.


In case of a war or siege the city council and the governor can call the citizens to form a militia to defend the city.

Westfortan Hussars

Westfortan Hussars are the only professional military unit in Westfort. In the time of peace they serve as the city's eyes and hears on the steppe.


Westfort was founded 40 years ago as a first wave of colonization of the Western Steppe. It was built on the coast, because the land way to the steppe is blocked by a dense forest through which there aren't many roads. The majority of the colonists of the first wave came from Truso

Trusan Trading Outpost

The first settlement was an Trusan trading outpost. It was founded in 100 Church It consisted of a few homes, a warehouse, a small harbour and a couple of watchtowers. Trusans established trade connections with the local Steppe Riders' tribes. Steppe Riders offered Trusans gold and woven items, and recieved metal products from high-quality Trusan iron, salt and dyes.

Steppe Riders' village

After a few years a group of Steppe Riders settled next to the trading outpost. Those sedentary Steppe Riders were acting as intermediaries between the Trusans and the other tribes.

Susannite Mission

In the year 1270 Church the Susannite Church sent a bishop to spread their faith among the Steppe Riders. The Riders from the intermediary village accepted the new faith, but the other tribes weren't as eager to convert. The Susannite bishop decided to establish a missionary bishopric in the trading outpost.

City of Westfort

In the year 1280 Church a group of colonists from the Kingdom of Lugia arrived and settled along the Trusan merchants. Lugians established a town council, financed the construction of a brick cathedral and built stone walls. Those actions caused tensions between the Lugians and Trusans. Trusans believed that it was their land. Tensions grew so fast that there was a risk of a war. Luckily, the intervention of the Susannite Church was enough to avoid it. Lugians and Trusans came to a compromise. The newly founded city of Westfort was given the status of a free city and became a condominium shared by the Trusans and the Lugians.


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