Krakgorod is the the capital city of the Krakian Commonwealth.


The area of the city of Krakgorod was first settled in the Age of Susanne by a human farming community. It is said that the founder of the city was named Krak and the name Krakgorod means Krak's castle. From that moment in time the city grew. At the turn of the Age of Darkness the city was already well developed. It had its own government, laws and defences. The Empire of Atamor took control of the city in the early days of its existence and quickly turned the whole region of Krakia into its main producer of food. Krakian nobility made fortunes on selling grain and other products to the rest of the Empire.

After the fall of the Empire, Krakian nobles started to fight for rule over Krakgorod and Krakia. During that time Krakgorod was going from hands to hands multiple times. The situation stabilized only after the Summit of 4 Dukes in the year 10 Church, which set of the rules by which the Krakian Commonwealth functions to this day. That meeting established also that Krakgorod is the capital of the Commonwealth and it should not be a part of any noble's private holdings.


Krakgorod is inhabitated only by Humans. Most of them are of the Krakian culture. There are also small communities of Trusans and Lugians.


Krakgorod is governed by a council made up of the members of the most wealthiest families. Council members choose from among themselves a mayor who represents the city before the King of Krakia. In everyday operations the council is the highest authority in the city.


There are two main types of taxes in Krakgorod. The first is a tax paid by the house owners, which is dependent on the house size and number of residents. The size of the house is measured by the length of it facade. To get around that many people build house which are narrow, but long and high.

The other type of taxes is a fee paid by shops and workshops.

Additionally, the city has duties which every merchant entering Krakgorod has to pay. The city has also the staple right. It forces the merchant passing through to display some of their goods for sale.


The city is surrounded with stone walls which were built in the Age of Darkness and later renovated. The defence of the walls is divided between the citizens. Each occupational group in the city (bakers, weavers, blacksmiths, etc.) has a part assigned to it. In case of an attack members of these groups are obligated to defend their parts of the city walls. Additionally, the city may be aided by the Royal Army.

Guilds and Factions

There are many groups in Krakgorod. Craftsmen belong to guilds. There are seperate guilds for blacksmiths, weavers, shoemakers, bakers, potters, etc. A guild's purpose is to regulate the functioning of their craft in the city and make sure the quality of the products is good enough. Guild also gives permissions to work in the craft. However, to be granted it a candidate must go through a process of learning under a master and then pass an exam in front of the guild's leadership.

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