King of Krakia

King is the highest authority in the Krakian Commonwealth, but his reign isn't absolute. In most cases the king must have the parliament's approval. He can pass edicts without the parliament, but laws such as taxes, war, peace and army require the parliament's approval.


To become a King of Krakia the candidate must belong to the Krakian nobility or to a foreign royal house. Only men are allowed to run for the position. Krakia is the only country in the world which doesn't allow women in high political positions.


King of Krakia is chosen by the nobles of Krakia during a veche. After the death of the king the highest ranking bishop takes on the funtion of an interrex and calls the veche. During it any male noble can run for the position or present a candidacy of someone else. The period for presenting candidates usually lasts for 2 days. Later the interrex compiles the list of candidates and debate begins. In most cases it involves a lot of bribery and behind-the-scenes activties. The final vote takes place after about 3 days. When the king is chosen, interrex checks if the candidate is present on the veche. If not, a messenger is sent. If the candidate accepts the position the coronation takes place almost immediately.


The king is supposed to be the leader of the Commowealth and the person who maintain the unity of the country. He leads the army and sets the example for his people.


The King of Krakia is the highest person in the Krakian social hierarchy. During the reign the king's palace in Krakgorod is his residence. However, king is not allowed to built new palaces without the parliament's approval.

King is not allowed to have income from his family land. His only source of income is the royal land scattered through the Commonwealth. The king can use his personal wealth for the country's purposes, but he can't use the state treasury for his own gains.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

King can't be removed from office legally. The only ways for a reign to end is death of the king or his abdication. However, the parliament may influence a king to abdicate if the nobility feels that the king is bad for the Commonwealth.

Civic, Political
At the Summit of 4 Dukes in 10 Church
Form of Address
Your Majesty, His Royal Highness, My King
Source of Authority
Veche of nobles
Length of Term
Life or until abdication
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