Massalta is a city in the Krakian Commonwealth and a castle which is the seat of House Massal.


Massalta was originally built as a small settlement around the first castle of House Massal. It wasn't until the year 100 Darkness that it recieved town privileges and developed into a big city that it is today. Its location has made Massalta an important trade hub in Krakia from the very beginning of its existence. Torba river was a quick way for transporting goods from Western and Northern Krakia and the sea access made Massalta a natural port to which many ships came both in the times of the Empire and later. Massalta has always been in rivalry with Drenzig, the biggest Krakian port. It didn't sprung into an open war only because both cities are ruled by House Massal.


Massalta is a big city with 20 000 inhabitants. All of them are Humans and most are Krakians. However, as it is a trade hub one can meet people of many cultures on its streets. From time to time it is even possible to meet an Elf.

Guilds and Factions

The most important organizations in the city are associations of merchants. They control the markets and make sure that the prices are fair for both buyers and sellers. The merchant associations also own storehouses and fleets of river and sea ships.

Founding Date
Settlement around the castle: 5 Darkness
Town Priviliges: 100 Darkness
20 000
Inhabitant Demonym
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I enjoy that the city has a rivalry with Drenzig, but they are ruled by the same people.