The Fallen

The Fallen is a mysterious entity which is an enemy of the Makers from the Forge of Worlds. It is said that The Fallen is responisble for putting out the Forge's fire and putting the Makers into hibernation.

Tenets of Faith

In the times of the Empire of Atamor the faith of The Fallen was present in almost every corner of the world. The Fallen demanded to show the loyalty to him through regular sacrifice of people. Today, the Susannite Church considers the faith of The Fallen a religion of terror and fear. The exact tenets of faith were lost with the temples.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Fallen wants to take control of Atamor and push Lady Susanne away from it. To accomplish this he allowed The Darkness to corrupt him. He believes that The Darkness is more powerful than the Makers.
More than 10000 years
Presented Sex
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