Krakian Civil War

Krakian Civil War was a conflict which broke out after the fall of the Empire of Atamor. It was fought between the four Wardens of Krakia. Each of them wanted to become the highest ruler of the region.

Sides of the conflict

During the Krakian Civil War everyone was fighting against everyone.

House Massal

House Massal is the house of the Warden of Southern Krakia, Jan Massal.

House Lukom

House Lukom is the house of the Warden of Eastern Krakia, Mieszko Lukom.

House Ostrosz

House Ostrosz is the house of the Warden of Northern Krakia, Bezprym Ostrosz.

House Bielski

House Bielski is the house of the Warden of Western Krakia. House Bielski is one of the few magical noble houses.




The Empire of Atamor fell shortly after the battle at Golden Fields where the Emperor was killed and Irenaeus The Journeyman was taken by Lady Susanne to the Forge of Worlds. Disappearance of the central imperial authority caused regional nobles and other powerful people to fight for power. Wardens of Krakia were no exception.

Fate of the Lord of Krakia

Lord of Krakia was the title of the governor of whole Krakia. However, it was mostly a symbolic title. The lord's power was limited to the city of Krakgorod. The Wardens had the real power in their regions of Krakia. After the fall of the empire the Lord of Krakia attempted to take power in the whole region, but failed because of the opposition from the Wardens. In the year 1 Church, the Lord of Krakia died in mysterious circumstances. He had no children, so the title died with him.

Battle of 4 Dukes

All 4 Wardens marched for Krakgorod to seize it and proclaimed themselves the rulers of whole Krakia. They reached the city at almost the same time and a battle commenced. It was unresolved. The battle was named the Battle of 4 Dukes, because it was the only battle of the civil war in which the 4 Wardens were present. Later there were battles with the forces of all Wardens, but they weren't present personally.

Status of Krakgorod

After the Battle of 4 Dukes the city of Krakgorod proclaimed its neutrality. The city council said that they were doing that for the city's safety with its best interests in heart.

Most Important Battles

  1. Battle of 4 Dukes (1 Church)
  2. Siege of White Mountain (5 Church)
  3. Battle of Drenzig (5 Church)
  4. Battle for the Long Bay - the only naval battle of the war (8 Church)
  5. Battle of Trolt - last big battle of the war (9 Church)


The civil war was ended with the Summit of 4 Dukes in the year 10 Church. The meeting was organised because the Wardens understood that they couldn't achieve anything with fighting. On the military side the civil war was in a stalemate.

The summit was organized on the neutral ground of Krakgorod. Each Warden could come only with one advisor. The meeting lasted for 5 days and ended with an agreement which was the predecessor to the Krakian Consitution.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1 Church
Ending Date
10 Church
Conflict Result

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