House Lukom

House Lukom is one of the most powerful Krakin noble houses. It is one of the houses which participated in the Summit of 4 Dukes in the year 10 Church.


As one of the most powerful noble houses in Krakia, Lukoms have access to large amounts of coin, soldiers and land. Cities and castles on their lands pay taxes directly to Trolt. Additionally, those cities and castles are obligated to provide Lukoms with soldiers. However, as subjects of the King of Krakia Lukoms have to pay taxes to Krakgorod and are obligated to release the command of their forces to the king in the time of war.


House Lukom has always been a Krakian house. They come from wealthy merchants who were elevated by the Emperor to nobillity and recieved the title of the Warden of Eastern Krakia. Originally, House Lukom's seat was in Krakgorod, but they were forced to move out when the Emperor decided to make the city into a symbolic capital of whole Krakia. A title of the Lord of Krakia was created, but he had very little authority outside the city walls. Additionally, the title wasn't hereditary as the Warden titles.

The second seat of House Lukom, where they are to this day, was Trolt. It was a small town not far from the shore of the Long Bay. Lukoms bought the castle from the local noble and expanded it.

In 10 Church the house leader at the time, Mieszko Lukom, took part in the Summit of 4 Dukes, which ended the 10 year long Civil War and established the Krakian Commonwealth.

Strength through Wealth

Founding Date
5 Darkness
Geopolitical, Great house
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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30 Dec, 2020 15:14

It's cool that they were wealthy merchants that have been risen to nobility, and that they had to move their seat because of the emperor. Do they ever resent that?