House Ostrosz

House Ostrosz is one of the most powerful noble houses in Krakia. It is also one of the houses which participated in the Summit of 4 Dukes in the year 10 Church.


As one of the most powerful noble houses in Krakia House Ostrosz has access to large amounts of coin, soldiers and land. Cities and castles on their lands pay taxes directly to Ostra and are obligated to provide House Ostrosz with soldiers when called. However, as subjects of the King of Krakia, Ostrosz need to pay taxes to Krakgorod and release the command of their forces to the king in a time of war.


House Ostrosz comes from a settlement of Ostra in Northern Krakia. It is a native Krakian noble house. According to the family history they were the rulers of that region in the Age of Susanne. When the Empire of Atamor came to Krakia, House Ostrosz pledged fealty to the Emperor. They were rewarded with the title of the Warden of Northern Krakia which is passed in the family to this day.

When the last Emperor was killed in the battle of Golden Fields, the Warden of Northern Krakia at the time, Bezprym Ostrosz, proclaimed his independance and marched at Krakgorod, the symbolic capital of whole Krakia. The other 3 Krakian Wardens also went there and a battle commenced. The civil war started.

In the year 10 Church Bezprym Ostrosz took part in the Summit of 4 Dukes which ended the war and formed the Krakian Commonwealth.

For Krakia

Founding Date
5 Darkness
Geopolitical, Great house
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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