Bezprym Ostrosz

Duke Bezprym Janowicz Ostrosz

Bezprym Ostrosz was the head of House Ostrosz during the Krakian Civil War and Summit of 4 Dukes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bezprym was in a good physical condition. However, it wasn't excellent. He was a little bit overweight. Bezprym was never a big fan of physical excercises. Luckily, it didn't affect his health very severly.

About 10 years before his death, Bezprym fell from his horse and broke a leg. Since then he had to walk with a stick and couldn't run. It was because the fracture wasn't healed properly

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bezprym was born in 975 Darkness in Ostra as the oldest son of Duke Jan Ostrosz, the Warden of Northern Krakia. Bezprym's father was an almost fanatic supporter of the Emperor and fell into madness after the Emperor's death and was unfit to be the house head and the warden. Bezprym is forced to take over. He tries to please his father and marches for Krakgorod, the symbolic capital of whole Krakia, Howecver, he was met there by the other Wardens and a battle commenced. It was the beginning of the Krakian Civil War.

In the year 10 Church, Bezprym met with the other Wardens during the Summit of 4 Dukes, a meeting which ended the civil war and formed the Krakian Commonwealth.

Bezprym died naturally in 40 Church at the age of 65 years.


Bezprym recieved the standard education of a noble son in the Empire of Atamor. He was taught sword fighting, court etiquette, managing the domain and horse riding. Additionally, he learned to shoot a bow and became one of the best archers in Ostra.


Family Ties

Before the Irenaeus' rebellion Bezprym was in good relations with his parents and younger sibilings, brother and sister. After the fall of the empire his father fell into madness and they drifted away from each other.

Religious Views

Bezprym was raised as a follower of The Fallen, but he converted to the Susannite faith after the fall of the empire.

975 Darkness - 40 Church
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Ostra
Warden of Northern Krakia
65 years
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Short, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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