Summit of 4 Dukes

Summit of 4 Dukes was a diplomatic meeting which ended the Krakian Civil War and formed the Krakian Commonwealth.


Krakgorod was chosen as the location of the summit. The city became neutral at the beginning of the war and none of the Wardens had political ties with it.


Every Warden could come to the summit with one advisor.

House Massal

House Massal is the house of the Warden of Southern Krakia, Jan Massal.

House Lukom

House Lukom is the house of the Warden of Eastern Krakia, Mieszko Lukom.

House Ostrosz

House Ostrosz is the house of the Warden of Northern Krakia, Bezprym Ostrosz.

House Bielski

House Bielski is the house of the Warden of Western Krakia. House Bielski is one of the few magical noble houses.

The mayor of Krakgorod was present on the summit as a mediator.

The Talks

The summit lasted from the 6th day of the month of Susanne to that month's 11th day. Most of it was calm and the discussion was civilized. However, on the 8th Warden of Western Krakia protested the proposition of a hereditary monarchy. He remained faithful to the ideas on which his house, House Bielski, was founded and was against hereditary monarchy. He said that the people trust the Wardens to keep them safe, but a king who most of them won't see for the most of their lives is a different story. According to the Western Warden people needed to know that their Warden is controlling the situation and can influence who is rulling the country. He was initially proposing a republic, but the opposition from the other Wardens forced him to back off. In the end they reached a compromise and agreed on an elective monarchy where the king is chosen by all the nobles of the country.


The summit ended in success. The Wardens reached an agreement which led to the formation of the Krakian Commonwealth and was the first, temporary consitution. A few months after the summit the Wardens and other nobles chosen by the regional assemblies met and drafted the consitution, which was later accepted by the first ever Krakian Parliament.

Conflict Type
Political Debate
Start Date
6th of Susanne 10 Church
Ending Date
11th of Susanne 10 Church
Conflict Result
Peace, Formation of the Krakian Commonwealth

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