House Bielski

House Bielski is one of the most powerful Krakian noble houses. It carries the title of Warden of Western Krakia. They are also one of the few magical noble houses in Krakia


As one of the most powerful noble houses in Krakia, House Bielski has access to large amounts of coin, soldiers and land. Cities and castles in their lands pay taxes directly to White Mountain and are obligated to provide them with soldiers when called. However, as subjects of the King of Krakia, House Bielski pays taxes to Krakgorod and is obligated to release the command of their forces to the king in time of war.


House Bielski was founded by a mage who wanted to protect the inhabitants of his city from bandits and nobles. The Emperor saw that and rewarded him by elevating him to nobility and giving him the title of Warden of Western Krakia.

Warden of Western Krakia was the only Warden in the Empire of Atamor who proclaimed support for Irenaeus The Journeyman before the battle at Golden Fields.

House Bielski took part in the Krakian Civil War and the Summit of 4 Dukes, which formed the Krakian Commonwealth.

Magic is Power

Founding Date
15 Darkness
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
House of Mages
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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