House Massal

House Massal is one of the most powerful noble houses in the Krakian Commonwealth. It is one of the four houses which participated in the Summit of 4 Dukes in year 10 Church.


As one of the most powerful noble houses in Krakia, House Massal has access to big amounts of coin, soldiers and land. On their lands there is many cities and castles which pay taxes directly to Massalta. Additionally, every city and castle on Massal land is obligated to provide them with soldiers. However, as subjects of the King of Krakia Massals have to pay taxes to Krakgorod and are obligated to release the command of their forces to the king during the time of war.


  • Massalta
  • Drenzig - the biggest Krakian port
  • Polawa


  • Massalta Castle - the seat of the family
  • Czern Castle
  • Drenzig Castle


House Massal wasn't originally a Krakian house. They were settled in Krakia by the first Emperor of Atamor in the year 5 Darkness. However, as time passed they adopted the Krakian culture and today they are Krakians.

The first member of House Massal to settle in Krakia was Heinrich Massal who was made by the Emperor the Warden of Southern Krakia.

In 10 Church the house leader at the time, Jan Massal, together with the leaders of the other 3 most powerful houses called the Summit of 4 Dukes. Its purpose was to end the Civil War which had lasted for 10 years and reach an agreement on who is supposed to rule Krakia.

Lords of the South

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Geopolitical, Great house
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