Massalta Castle

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Massalta Castle is the seat of House Massal.


The first castle was built in the year 5 Darkness by Heinrich Massal. That castle was built from wood on a hill which is today the centre of the city of Massalta. In the year 100 Darkness the settlement around the castle recieved town privileges from the Emperor and the Massals had to relocate their castle to a different place. The new castle was built from stone about 1,5 km from the city. It stands there to this day.

Founding Date
5 Darkness
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
Related Plots
Building Phases
Phase 1
5 Darkness - 100 Darkness, a wooden castle
Phase 2
100 Darkness and forward, a stone castle

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30 Dec, 2020 23:23

It's really nice that there is a history to the castle, which had to be built twice. :)