Mieszko Lukom

Duke Mieszko Bolesławowicz Lukom

Mieszko Lukom was the head of House Lukom during the time of the Krakian Civil War and the Summit of 4 Dukes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mieszko was born in the year 980 Darkness as the only child of Duke of Trolt and the head of his house, Bolesław Lukom. When Irenaeus' rebellion started Mieszko's father was actively fighting against it. As much as suspiscion of being a rebellion sympathizer was enough to be killed.

When the Empire of Atamor fell, Bolesław Lukom attempted to seize Krakgorod and proclaim himself King of Krakia. However, he was stopped by the the Wardens of Northern, Western and Southern Krakia. The so-called Battle of 4 Dukes happened as a result. It was a battle in which everyone fought against everyone. Bolesław was killed in that battle forcing Mieszko to take over as the head of the house and Warden of Eastern Krakia.

In the year 10 Church Mieszko met with leader of other 3 noble houses to discuss the future. The meeting became known as the Summit of 4 Dukes. It ended the civil war and formed the Krakian Commonwealth.

Mieszko died naturally in 50 Church.


Mieszko recieved the standard education of a noble son in the Empire of Atamor. He was taught sword fighting, art, court etiquette, managing the domain and horse riding.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Mieszko's biggest accomplishment was the Summit of 4 Dukes and seeing it end in success.

Mental Trauma

Death of his father in the beginning of the war was a massive trauma for Mieszko It affected him in two ways. On the battlefield it gave him strength. Outside the battlefield it was guiding him on a path towards peace.

980 Darkness - 50 Church
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Trolt
Warden of Eastern Krakia
70 years
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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