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February 3229

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February 3229

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wow that's a lot of stars is a sci-fi setting about adventure, exploration, and discovery. Every person, place, and thing has a story to tell, if you listen closely.   Setting Intro | Visitor's Guide | Author's Intentions
Devali is a pre-Scream TL4 planet. Its unique plant life and art have made it a cultural capital of the region, drawing tourists from across the galaxy.


A group of scientists first colonized Devali in 2532, founding the country of Abraia. Over the next several years, they developed means to cope with the invasive plant life and create a foundation for a community. In 2578, a branch of the de la Rosa royal family came to rule over Abraia. They ordained the initial settlement - called Abraia Central - to be the planetary capital.   Leading up to The Scream, colonization progressed rapidly southward through the continent and around the mountain range that divides it. During the Silence, colonization slowed dramatically with the reduced population and lack of psitech to help tame the flora. Survey of the second major Devalian continent, Sagaria, was put on indefinite hold.   By 2740, the population had stabilized and Abraia's borders covered the entire continent. Duke Ronauld Fernand Abraia de la Rosa moved his family to the city of Monhal to be more central to the dispersing populace. Though Abraia Central remained the capital, he hoped his family's new location would encourage continued expansion to the south.   Over the next three centuries, Abraia became more of a parliamentary replublic than a monarchy. As the Silence ended, the de la Rosas were more of a symbol than an authority, aided by their distance from the capital where the parliament made most decisions without the moncharchy's input. The parliament voted to join the Protectorate and larger galactic community in 3096 prior to receiving official support from the Duke and Duchess.  

The Royal Family

In the 3100s, the de la Rosas began regaining some authority. The population in the southern half of Abraia felt disconnected from their ruling parliament and representatives in the north. As such, they turned to the royal family for guidance and to give them a greater voice in their government. In 3186, this schism grew into the Monhalian War of Independence.   The war lasted until 3199, when peace treaties saw its end and the creation of the Monhalian Union. The de la Rosas ruled over the new country, but their land didn't include their former city of Monhal. The new country struggled in the wake of a war that killed most of its royal family and thousands of civilians. Duke Elias Gabriel Monhala de la Rosa took few actions to improve the country. His one remaining child, Countess Maxelene Narsolonius Monhala de la Rosa, became a shadow activist, creating and aiding public works projects under pseodonyms.   Duke Elias' disappearance in 3208 made the future of the royal family a more urgent issue. Many saw Countess Maxelene, only 16 years old at the time, as too young to rule the country. A public vote officially disolved the royal family in 3210 in favor of a parliament not dissimilar to Abraia's. The former countess won enough votes to earn a seat on the parliament despite being just 18 years of age. They maintain this seat to this day.    


Culture varies wildly based on the region, but one throughline is the focus on plantlife. In Abraia, they have tidy, controlled gardens. In the Monhalian Union, they weave plants into their daily lives. In Sagaria, the land is entirely untamed. Everywhere, there is celebration and even reverence of what makes Devali unique.  
The typical Devalian fashion is colorful and floral, with shapes that mimic flower petals and designs for every popular native plant. Even countercultures use plants, focusing on the ugly, lesser-known, or deadly varieties. Everyone has gardens they maintain and manage, with decorations that mimic the plants around them or highlight their beauty, and corporate logos use flowers and leaves as part of their iconography.
  Yet with all of this is a respect for the natural world around them. No one escapes Devali without at least one story of an aggressive or curious plant, one that broke into their cupboards or wrapped itself around them or destroyed their home's foundation. Every bit of beauty has a dark side.  

Devalian Locations

Abraia (country)
Abraia Central (capital city)
Monhal (ruined city)
Monhalian Union (country)
Elsion (capital city)
Sagaria (independent region)
Icon for Devali


2532First settlers arrive and found Abraia
2553De la Rosa family installed as ruling family
2665The Scream cut Devali off from additional help
2740De la Rosa moves to Monhal
3096Devali joins the Protectorate alliance
3186Monhalian War of Independence begins
3199Monhalian Union is founded to end the war
3210The de la Rosa royal family officially disolved


Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


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