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Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv

The place where the Securers of Western Redo-Iv keep their assets and coordinate their activities.

Purpose / Function

This skyscraper was built on the remains of what used to be a large shopping mall before the Final War. It was chosen because of its strategically convenient location on the Zaldemaru River and the remnants of roads leaving it well-connected to the surrounding area.


Over time, the structure has been reinforced many times, partly to make it difficult to attack and partly to improve its load-bearing capacity. Additional floors have been built on top as the Securers gained more personnel and assets.


The lower floors consist of rather massive granite walls, whereas the upper floors are built from lighter steel constructions and chitinious concrete. Its facade is structured with mosaics of curved clear glass windows, and the outer walls are covered with aluminium plating.   Every fourth floor is designed as a park, with slender sub-buildings and trees between them carrying the floors above. These park floors are connected to neighboring buildings via bridges, which is a common feature of the zakdengok cityscape architecture.


The original shopping mall, named Notkapeko Situpi, was opened to the public in the year 20 NZR. It housed stores of every major franchise in the Ran-E-Zu Confederation, and saw up to about 47.000 visitors per day, until the year 3 NZR when it was partly destroyed in an air raid by the Rilanga. This city district was subsequently abandoned.   When the Rilsu colonized this region in the year 28 VZR, the ruins were selected as the headquarters of the Securer Force for the newly rebuilt town of Zakdegma. As the town grew, so did the local Securer Force, which was reflected in the building growing taller as well.   Zakdegma was eventually merged with neighboring towns, and in the year 744 VZR the region was renamed to "Western Redo-Iv" (Redo-Iv Akusi). The building again grew significantly as it became the central hub of the Securer Force for the entire region.
Table of Contents
Founding Date
21 - 20 NZR
Alternative Names
Redo-Iv Akusi kof Andozruta Nohosmilak
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


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