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Kis Fisilunto

The Farmer's Port Bridge connects said port to the commercial area west of the Lehomiglo River.

Purpose / Function

This bridge was constructed as part of the motorway crossing the Lehomiglo River. When most of the traffic became airborne, the bridge was re-purposed as a promenade.


Countless street vendor cottages were built on the outer lanes of the old motorway. Benches and small tables with shade roofs line the central lanes, providing places to rest or eat for the people strolling along the bridge.


The suspension bridge is constructed mostly of steel. Its supporting pillars stand on concrete foundations, and the road surface is covered in asphalt.


The wide open space and the colorful market atmosphere attract a moderate, but steady stream of visitors. They come here to take in the view of the river and surrounding skyline, browse the vendors' inventory for unique handicraft items or enjoy fresh, creatively prepared street food.
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