Findonoha Lake

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A large lake between Zakidema Findomi and Zakidema Gumi.


Defining Features

The lake measures about 6 kilometers from west to east, and about 3 kilometers from north to south. Its name is derived from findo nohos which translates as "hub lake", due to the fact that it connects five different rivers.  
  • The Lehomisup River flows in from the west.
  • The Lehononvu River flows in from the northwest.
  • The Lehitesta River flows in from the north.
  • The Leholempo River flows in from the northeast.
  • The Lehovulru River flows out in the south.

Fauna & Flora

The lake is home to many different animals, plants and fungi. Examples include the irilino shrimps which feed on fruit from the surrounding forests, or the kirumul mushrooms which float on the surface near the shores. Several fish species, like the pinvipoz, are food staples in the quarters surrounding the lake.
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