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Council Hall of Western Redo-Iv

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The administrative hub and central meeting place for the political representatives of Western Redo-Iv.

Purpose / Function

This building is the primary place where members of the Council (ub zuruta) for Western Redo-Iv meet. The main room is a large conference hall where every member has their own designated seating booth, either for their physical body or their holographic telepresence avatar.   The upper floors hold offices for the Council members and administrative staff. Furthermore, several public services such as citizen registration, tax authorities or construction supervision are found on the lower floors.


Main Building

The main building is comparably low, contrasting with the tall skyscrapers around it. Organically-curved colonnades and balconies are running along the outer facade, and the walls are broken up by large glass windows. The lower floor is decorated with an irregular mosaic of granite tiles whereas the upper floors are characterized by satinated steel plating.  

Surrounding Park

The Council hall sits in the middle of a public park. Additionally, the space above it is filled with several floors of botanical gardens and orchards, suspended by support structures stretching between the skyscrapers. Both the park and the gardens were designed to create a bright, inviting space for the citizens of Western Redo-Iv.


The Council hall and the surrounding park were built on the site of the old town hall which was completely obliterated during the Final War. After the area was decontaminated and scrutinized for leftover bombs, the Council of Western Redo-Iv decided that this open space in the middle of Zakidema was well-suited for the local government. The whole complex was designed to be appear accessible and inviting to the people, stressing the idea that the Council serves the citizens and not the other way around.


The Council conferences are open to the public so that everyone can keep up-to-date with current political issues. They are regularly visited by school classes as part of their education.   Furthermore, the surrounding park and gardens are popular venues for wedding celebrations and open-air concerts. They can be booked through the cultural office which is located on the ground floors of the Council hall. Outside these events, they attract casual wanderers and sightseers from all over Zakidema and neighboring precincts.
Alternative Names
Pikvuni Ub Zurutami
Government complex
Parent Location
Council Hall - Main Hall

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