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Securer Force

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The Securer Force is responsible for upholding the law and protecting the Rilsu civilians from a wide range of threats.


The Securer Force is structured according to regions, cities and districts.   On each level, there is an Organizational Securer Chief or mandasa romaztaru in charge of the subordinate levels. Every district's "ManMazta" answers to the city's ManMazta, who in turn answers to the region's ManMazta. Within a single district, the ManMazta oversees its Danokon division and communicates relevant information to the executive division.   Each district's executive division is headed by an Executive Securer Chief, known as mandasa ronumru. The "ManNum" is in charge of coordinating the Securer's actions, from handling traffic accidents to storming organized crime hideouts. They answer directly to the ManMazta who determines what needs to be done, whereas the ManNum decides how it is done.   Both the Danokon division and the executive division have their own hierarchies and chains of command.

Public Agenda

The Securer Force was founded after the Final War, to ensure peace among the newly-united survivors and to protect the civilian population from crime.


Besides Danokon, the Securers have the exclusive right to use advanced weapon technology.


This organization is rooted in the military traditions of the Rilanga and the Ran-E-Zu. Since merging these cultures into one single people rendered military forces obsolete, they more closely resemble a civilian police force, albeit with a high level of combat readiness.
Founding Date
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Andozruta Sinlas
Subsidiary Organizations
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