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Headquarters Parks

The parks integrated with the Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv.

Purpose / Function

Environmental Impact

The primary function of these parks is to preserve the oasis plantlife despite the high population density in the metropolitan zakdengok areas. Like most modern high-rise buildings, the Securer Headquarters include one garden floor after every three building floors.   Plants are vital for producing oxygen and filtering carbondioxide from the atmosphere. Many of them also absorb other gases that are byproducts of daily life in the zakdengok, significantly improving the air quality. Additionally, they help to keep the urban climate balanced by storing water and releasing it slowly.

Mental Health

Another important purpose of these parks is to provide a pleasant, welcoming environment amids the walls of concrete, steel and glass. The Securers spend much of their break time there, strolling or doing light exercise among the trees. Most park floors also provide dedicated areas for their regularly scheduled meditation sessions.   Due to their calming effect they are also well-suited for attending to civilians. For example, crime victims or distraught relatives are commonly taken on a walk outside by psychologically trained personnel.



The floors are mostly covered in grass. Trees, shrubbery and clusters of flowers grow in semi-organized patterns. As a general rule, light-seeking species are more common on the higher floors whereas less needy plants and fungi populate the lower ones. Some parks also contain small ponds, rivers or waterfalls.

Support Structures

The parks in the building's main body are interspersed with slim but sturdy sub-buildings. They are designed to carry the weight of the floors above while keeping the space open and airy. Older trees also double as support pillars, and several species are bio-engineered for this particular purpose.


A network of paved paths runs between the trees, with seating areas at more or less regular intervals. Elevators, staircases and sanitary facilities are found in the sub-buildings, as are several vending points for snacks and drinks. The ceilings hold UV lamps and sprinklers which simulate natural weather patterns.


Numerous surveillance sensors are embedded in the trees, both for monitoring the parks' health state and identifying potential threats.   Genetically modified and cybernetically augmented plants serve as protective measures which seamlessly integrate with the environment. Defense mechanisms include rapidly growing organic barriers, filtering harmful gases from the air or releasing narcotic pollen.   Specialized teams of the Executive Securer Division typically arrive within a few minutes of the alarm. Apart from that, it is highly likely that personnel trained for this particular situation is already out there.
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Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

Originally I wanted to make the "garden" prompt about the parks on the Council Hall of Western Redo-Iv, but then I figured the Securer Headquarters would be more relevant to my main story. Also, I needed to polish the base layer of that building's map - it's still lacking some details, but the rooftop gardens look pretty decent already.   I will add some pictures once I find the time to translate this description to a 3D environment.

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