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Securer Mess Halls

Several dining halls distributed throughout the Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv.

Purpose / Function

The large halls provide a place for the Securer personnel to sit down and eat. Food is prepared in the attached kitchen. Additionally, these halls are used for social events such as the induction of the gotu.


The mess halls' shape is roughly that of a parallelogram, with the longer sides measuring approximately 33 meters and the shorter ones 27 meters. In contrast, the kitchen and storage sections are rectangular and measure about 19 by 5 meters together.


Four elevators stop directly in the mess halls, distributed along their southern wall. A total of twelve double sliding doors connect each one to the rest of the surrounding floor.

Contents & Furnishings

Every mess hall holds 80 tables, arranged in five groups of sixteen. Each table in turn provides eight seats. Five rows of buffet tables are located in the center of the southern half.   A low stage lines the northern wall. It is used in social events and has no furniture on normal days, except for a speaker desk close to its front edge.   Another element found in every one of the mess halls are tall potted plants separating the table clusters and providing some decoration.


The mess halls are located on the third, eleventh and nineteenth floor of the building. Their walls are made of steel-reinforced concrete, and four supporting pillars help to carry the ceiling. The floor in the mess hall itself is covered in a short, robust carpet whereas the attached kitchen and storage room have tiled floors for easier cleaning.
Table of Contents
Securer Headquarters - Mess Hall
Room, Military, Mess hall
640 people

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Author's Notes

One more type of room for the Securer Headquarters. The building is slowly taking form, yay!

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