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Danokon Data Center of Western Redo-Iv

The rooms housing the main server cluster of Danokon for Western Redo-Iv.

Purpose / Function

This basement floor was specifically constructed for containing and physically protecting the Danokon subsystem for the district of Western Redo-Iv.


The basement stretches below the entire building, covering an area of 25,000 m². Three parallel corridors run along the perimeter while the inner area is divided into a grid of 32 server chambers.

Contents & Furnishings

The floor holds a total of 1,960 server nodes, grouped in multiples of four. Furthermore, every server chamber contains a maintenance desk with four terminals for displaying diagnostic information.


Every compartment of this floor was carved into the granite bedrock deep below the Securer Headquarters. Massive steel sliding doors were embedded into the walls between them.   The ground was covered with a flame-resistant and shock-absorbing dark blue carpet. The ceilings contain ventilation ducts through which heated air is sucked upwards and replaced. Other ducts are packed with cables for transferring data and electricity.


Physical Barriers

This basement floor can only be reached via the elevators in the outermost corridor. In order to get to any server chamber, one has to cross the other two corridors. The compartments are arranged so that one has to go through at least four doors, each of which is 64 cm thick. The walls surrounding the actual server rooms have two consecutive doors which are 48 cm thick.
Mechanical Locks
The doors in the two outer corridors are secured with 16-digit combination locks. The necessary codes are changed at irregular intervals.
Electronic Locks
Doors between the two inner corridors, as well as those within the third corridor, require an electronic key with a unique identifier. Each key only works for one particular lock in the entire basement.
Biometric Locks
The innermost doors are secured with biometric information. The person wishing to open them has to identify themselves with a retinal scan and a DNA sample.


Empty compartments contain no breathable air and are only supplied with such when a person is granted access. If an unauthorized person is detected, a narcotic gas can be introduced.
Ambient Sound
Various unpleasant, viscerally felt sounds are played back seemingly at random. Authorized personnel carry equipment which counteracts these sounds by emitting the right wavelengths at the correct time.


Tracking People
Every compartment contains cameras and microphones for outwardly identifying those who pass through the doors. This also allows for monitoring their health and detecting when anyone inside requires help. Any movement on this floor is logged and checked against scheduled appointments.
Due to the aforementioned security measures, whoever goes down there has to make an explicit appointment and be granted access to the necessary equipment. To avoid false alarms by trying to open the locks incorrectly, these people are nowadays accompanied by a portable, simplified Danokon subsystem which identifies the current location and instructs the user about the required action.
Table of Contents
Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv
Alternative Names
Redo-Iv Akusi lu Nohostungi Danokon
Room, Special, Server Room
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

Whew, I spent almost a day on this, first creating the map and then writing the article. I had a lot of fun thinking of the different security measures. Now it sounds like an awfully dangerous place... But then again, those who have a legitimate reason to be there can count on the rest of the Securer Force to 1) prepare them for the trip, and 2) get them out safely if anything goes wrong.

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