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Fergana Charter

This is the founding charter document for Tholaren Dome, detailing their goals in terms of technology and genetics, and the rough structure of the government they intended to use to make sure that those goals were met.  


  The charter dictates that genetic diversity shall be maintained to the best of their ability, and that a Genetic Record database would be created and referenced to assist in suggesting those matches that would cause the most likely healthy diversity.   Beyond that, there would be a handful of genes that would be prioritized and spread through the population to a heavy extent. In particular, the genetic key belonging to Zahra Roydark. The aim is that, beyond these carefully selected traits, that genetic purity would not become an aim, and that the Therrans would not cause problems by too much genetic manipulation.  


  The charter dictates that the goal of the settlement is to A) excavate and repair the Fergana; B) to develop such technology as might be needed to escape the Gairu-Lexene System; C) adapt and develop whatever technology might be needed to live comfortably on Thaiterra. This is done with the tacit understanding that this will be a multi-generational task, and that while it should be completed with all haste, this will likely not be finished in the lifetime of those who crashed.   There will also be some resources devoted to maintaining good relations with and possibly protection from the native populations, named Garruw and Weinadi (also called Wight).   There shall also be some effort put into maintaining the satellite system that was launched to examine the phenomenon that caused the Fergana to crash, and hopefully also provide a means of contacting the outside world in the event that a rescue is formed. This last is unlikely, given the amount of time that transpired between the crash and the creation of this document (which already indicates that they do not believe they're leaving any time soon).  

Population Controls

  With the ultimate goal being to leave the planet, the ideal situation would be not to leave anyone behind once they depart. As such, the calculated maximum capacity of the Fergana is about 10,000 people (including crew, and accounting for the supplies needed for the two month voyage to inhabited space). With that in mind, the aim is to not exceed this number. However, they don't want to stifle people, and there are also natural disasters and diseases that could wipe out portions of the population.   As such, when the 10,000 limit is met, regulations shall be set that a couple will have a boy and a girl, and any children born beyond those two will be deemed "Orphan Scions". For the purposes of accounting, they will not be permitted to leave on the ship and should be prepared to remain on the planet, with the hope that there would be a return, and that they might be retrieved at a later date, or perhaps even form a colony if the local sapient species prove friendly. In the event that one of those initial children dies without having their own two children, one of the Orphans will be adjusted to be one of those departing, as per the records.   However, with the ultimate goal being for all of them to leave, these Orphans shall be discouraged from having children, to avoid the population growing out of control.


  Since we do not anticipate leaving for at least three generations (and perhaps even longer than that, if we cannot determine a way to escape that which caused us to crash), a government shall be formed, designed to operate in perpetuity. The crew badges shall be repurposed as what we will term "Insignia", which will grant them authority over designated elements of society. There are 21 of these, and shall pass from generation to generation as per the directive of the computer, which shall search the population for such criteria as are set by the initial holders of the signum, and which shall develop as needed. An Insignia Council will be formed, with the primary authority being passed from signum to signum, assuming that different people will need to lead in different eras going forward.   The idea being that once we take to the stars again, it will be a simple shift from leading those in the Dome to taking control of the ship, once it flies again.


When they realized they weren't going to get the Fergana flying any time soon, and also that it was absolutely essential that the genetic key Zahra Roydark possessed should not fall into extinction, the charter was created to ensure that future generations would continue working toward this ultimate goal.   Unfortunately, they forgot to include a lot of direct references to the urgency of the task, or indeed that there was an ultimate goal, and the charter became merely a basis for a system of government. Future generations lost the intent behind the document. Eventually, they even lost the document itself.
Contract, Civil
Digital Recording, Various
Authoring Date
Expiration Date

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1 P/DE 100 P/DE


101 P/DE 300 P/DE

After The Upheaval

  • 120 P/DE

    Post Upheaval ideology shift
    Cultural event

    One generation after the earthquake, things have settled, and the ship was forgotten.

  • 200 P/DE

    Garruw removal
    Diplomatic action

    Over a period of some years, the Therrans stop interacting politically with the Garruw.

  • 300 P/DE

    Population Migration / Travel

    Around one third of the Dome citizens leave, aiming to terraform the planet to make it suitable for human life.

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    The Sundering
    Additional timelines


301 P/DE 950 P/DE

After The Sundering

  • 320 P/DE

    Post Sundering ideology shift
    Cultural event

    After the Sundering, a generation has passed and things have adjusted with their culture and ideals.

  • 324 P/DE

    Political event

    The idea of the Equivalent is created.

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  • 338 P/DE

    The First Remove
    Cultural event

    The first Orphan to be officially raised entirely separately from their parents.

  • 375 P/DE

    Weinadi diplomacy opened
    Diplomatic action

    The Therrans make the effort to reach out to their Weinadi neighbors to offer them technology, reacting in the distant wake of the Sundering.

    Additional timelines
  • 400 P/DE

    Orphan separation
    Political event

    The Orphan population is moved into a separate living space.

  • 450 P/DE

    Sector Dissemination of Orphans
    Political event

    It is decided to ensure that Orphans go to a separate sector than where their birth parents live.

  • 475 P/DE

    Codification of the Orphan Laws
    Civil action

    This is when the majority of the modern rules concerning Orphans originate, codifying most of the prior decisions into law, including family structure for Orphans, and where they can live, and Equivocation.

  • 505 P/DE

    The Savela Murders
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    Orphan Harmonia Savela goes nuts and murders her biological parents.

  • 506 P/DE

    520 P/DE

    Birth records hidden
    Technological achievement

    The decision is made to formally restrict birth records of Orphans, from parents and the children themselves.

  • 530 P/DE

    Orphan children are treason
    Political event

    Orphans who have children are declared to be treasonous, as having too many children threatens the integrity of society and the safety of the Dome.

  • 600 P/DE

    The Katolu Federation is founded

    The Katolu Federation is founded to combat the threat of Rameku's Army.

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  • 700 P/DE

    Educational reform
    Civil action

    The educational system of the Dome is rebalanced to reflect the fact that some Orphans are going to need to be able to keep up with their Constituent peers.

  • 880 P/DE

    881 P/DE

    The Castolar Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

    A lethal disease ravaged the Dome.

    Tholaren Dome
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    Castolar Virus
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  • 900 P/DE

    Weinadi diplomacy formally ends
    Political event

    After years of on and off trade with the local Weinadi, ties are formally splintered when the Weinadi state that war was declared. No further details are given.

    Additional timelines

Recent events

951 P/DE and beyond


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