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The year 1691

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The world of Skeigham in some ways resembles our own in the early times of the soon to begin industrial revolution. New inventions and breakthroughs both in magic and in science make inventors richer, shake up the foundations of old structures, enlighten the people in new ways of magic and technology but emphasize the differences between the various races on this world.
Some nations, clans, and alliances cling desperately to their old ways of power, while new ideas and revolutionary thoughts as well as or devastating weapons, magical and non-magical, threaten this very order. The people are starting to see the world more in its complexity and even more simply start to question why society is like it is.
Skeigham is a steampunk world with magical beings, elves, orcs, dwarves, and gods, struggling with the changing world and the possibilities new technologies brings to everybody - as well as the adventures that come with it!
Be it the struggle of the common worker in the magical engine factory, the search for treasure and valuable materials guarded by a dragon or the necromancer equipping his skeletal minions with steam powered bolt-shoooters.
Skeigham is full of new and unique opportunities.
Unsure where to start? Check out Traces of the Gods and understand the structure of the categories.

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