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Eoin Lothran

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Ah, I see you have deemed my profile page worthy of the visit. Was it the stunning goods looks? The unresistable charm and wit? The email demanding you click this link or be kidnapped? Oh, what does it matter, you're here and that's what counts.   I myself am a bloke struggling to find both a job and a meaning to life as I pass into my early years as an adult, meanwhile spending my time on writing, video editing, worldbuilding and some freelance work as a illustrator and cartographer.   If you want to get to know me better for some infernal reason, besides a sadistic need for more self-depricating humour, I'm on the World Anvil discord server and always up for discussion on pretty much anything. Just ping me or send me a private message.   If you like my work I'm always open for doing commisions, so feel free to also contact me about that. Now as I'm writing this it's far too late and I'm bloody tired, so good night and hopefully until next time.

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2 Dec, 2018 16:24

Thank you so much for following Aqualon ^-^

19 Apr, 2019 22:24

Say, thanks for liking my Jinn story from my world.

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