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Yhaoltum (elven for near the lake Olt after long travels) is one of the Communes of Qosid and is located at Lake Olt , just besides the large fishing and trading town Oltumur. Yhaoltum was founded by wood elves who left Silimanis, after the 725 LC Decree of Returning and who had been part of the maritime Green Dragon Guard, as shipwrights and seamen. Their new settlement was constructed as a military base and in 730 LC, the commune members declared themselves to be the naval defense of Qosid -- the Qosidian Fleet.   The people of Yhaoltum live segregated from Oltumur, but the relations between the two communes are good. The Qosidian Fleet assists fishers and provides ship repairs, through which they contribute to the local gift economy.


Yhaoltum consists of mostly wood elves, with the odd addition of high elves and dwarves. About an eighth of the population lived through the migration from Silimanis and was part of the navy at sea at the time. The remaining fraction has come from elsewhere (mostly from Oltumur) or is too young to remember the days in the coastal lands. For those newer additions, the particulars of Lake Olt make up most of their experience in sailing, although there are occassional exercises into the Ice Sea.


Yhaoltum distinguishes military decision-making and communal decision-making. Military decision-making follows a chain of command, with the more senior and competent naval officers reaching higher positions. Communal decision-making happens in local assemblies, where policy proposals are determined through a majority vote by those attending the assembly.   The distinction between military and communal decision-making is not always clear-cut and, since voting is public, the chain of command is often also at play in communal decision-making.   On behalf of Yhaoltum, Snakke Hith is one of the Representatives of the Communes. Within the commune, Snakke is an accomplished captain.


Yhaoltum is a fortified base, encroached by palisades and guard towers, from which archers can defend the commune. In practice, defenses are low as the security threat is currently low in the heart of Qosid.


The most important and valuable assets of Yhaoltum are those of the Qosidian Fleet:  


Yhaoltum is located at the northern side of Lake Olt, just east of the cemetary of Oltumur. Like Oltumur, it is constructed at the beaches of the lake, with some portions built on the nearby hills. In contrast to most regions in Qosid, the lake area is not forested, and Yhaoltum is flanked at its northern part by rolling hills and grassland.
Snakke Hith
Founding Date
726 LC
Alternative Name(s)
The Fleet
Military, Base
Location under
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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