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Yhahivit was a commune in Qosid that housed healers and clergy dedicated to Zodan. It was destroyed in 904 LC by a gnoll infestation that followed demonic possession by Geehynki. The sole survivor of that onslaught was Magyor the Gull, who is currently searching for a way to rebuild the community.


As is common in wood elf communes, Yhahivit was self-governed, meaning that policy was discussed and voted on during public assemblies. Policy in Yhahivit, however, was limited by esoteric scripture related to Zodan, the god of travel and water. The Representative of Yhahivit is Cannu Kytathun.

Industry & Trade

Yhahivit was a community of healers. It was sought out by other wood elves who suffered from diseases or wanted to rejuvenate. Potions and ointments created by the commune were gifted to other Qosidian communes, much like Yhahivit received goods from others.


There was no infrastructure to speak of in Yhahivit. Inhabitants lived in tree houses that were connected by a system of rope bridges.


The inhabitants of Yhahivit collectively owned the central temple to Zodan, a structure made of stone and wood that contains a water source which connects to The Wild. Water from the temple has healing qualities. Besides this, hunters and foragers collected materials for potions and ointments, as well as foodstuff.


The commune was founded in 730 LC by wood elves who left Silimanis in response to the invasion of the Labarean Empire and Olyxx III's Decree of Returning. The elves came from Aeclyra, the White Temple of Zodan and were guided to the site of Yhahivit by their deity, who brough them to a powerful forest spring, connected to The Wild. The Aeclyra community built a stone shrine to Zodan and built Qosidian treehouse villages around the shrine.   In Aeclyra, the commune had been reclusive, but connected to towns and villages in Silimanis. Some humans visited the temple to partake in religious rites or to seek advice from the commune elders. The commune also brought fish and rare minerals found in the sea to market. Moreover, Aeclyra was a place of healing and creatures from across the region came to the temple to seek rejuvenation and cures for various ailments.   Leaving Silimanis meant leaving behind the sea, and in Yhuhivit the commune could no longer provide goods from the sea. Like others in Qosid, they started living from hunting and gathering in the forest. Yet some things stayed the same: the forest offered new sorts of minerals to explore and Yhahivit quickly got a reputation as a medicinal place for wood elf communities throughout the province.   In 904 LC, a gnoll possessed by the demon Geehynki sought out the commune and, aided by an army of blood-thirsty gnolls, killed almost all its inhabitants. Geehynki was persuaded to do so by Morsyana, as retribution for Aeclyra's resistance against Morsyana during the War of the Sisters. An adventuring party, including Bor Durlyne, Tijl Morgenster, Ballelds Landidith (magically disguised as Gaf Bhytear), Bingverd Flossbottom, Aron Staal and the druid Thardis with her companion Tsunami, managed to remove the gnoll infestation and isolate Geehynki's demonic energies.


The commune is located near a forest clearing, in which the temple to Zodan has been built. From the temple springs a stream that supplied the commune with rejuvenating water. The trees in which the wood elves live were large, impressive arboreal networks that carry staircases, balconies and dwellings. A 10-sided large structure with a band of glass windows takes center stage in this network.
Cannu Kytathun

904 LC

Founding Date
730 LC
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