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Pibabared is a small community of brewers and distillers and a Commune of Qosid. A popular spot for feasts and celebrations, the village is home to an important temple of Tyra.   The produce of this commune is popular in Thellur and among the mystics of Moss Cave and The Mistlands. Pibabared's culture is one of thrill-seeking and sensory stimulation. Its assemblies are often storytelling competitions and it uses majority decision-making.  


Pibabared produces beers and liqueurs. Beers are made using grains imported from Pothael and Aksnak and hops bartered with Lupvit, although locally sourced ingredients are regularly used instead of hops. Water is taken from the Silver River. The beers are traded within the gift economy and often find their way to other communes. The brewers of Pibabared see no reason to make the same beer twice and practice their craft creatively.   Fermented grains, fruits and flowers are also distilled by the commune. The Pibabaredians create high alcohol spirit this way, which they store in a large, hollowed oak tree that is artificially covered at the top. This so-called Spirit Tree is equipped with various taps, from which the brewers draw alcoholic aliquots which they turn into liqueurs using whatever is available. These liqueurs, like the beers, are placed into the gift economy.   As full dependence on the gift economy would limit the ability of Pibabared to import grains, the commune accepts donations into a trading fund. This fund is also used to purchase the equipment that enables brewing and distilling, such as the Labarean Spider Alembic Deluxe.  


Pibabared uses a majority decision-making system, in which all commune members are given a vote on decisions that affect them. Their assemblies are festive events, during which everyone with an opinion is invited to take the stage and make their point. In practice, this leads to songs, poetry, impromptu theater and stand-up comedy before a vote is called.   The mandate for the Representative is determined in a similar way. The current Representative Jaile Gafayr is a laid-back herbalist who is known for making creative additions to new brews and concoctions.
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