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Ship's Right

This popular inn and tavern in Oltumur is built from planks of old fishing ships and the place smells like it. It attracts fishers and sailors, who share their tall tales of voyages while enjoying (or at least drinking) the peculiar Salted Crayfish Beer that is brewed by the innkeepers Ust Gwythun and Hegge Gwythun on the basis of Olt Crayfish meat, locally sourced grains, river water and imported salt.   Ship's Right often has local singers and musicians take stage and serves early breakfast to commune members. The upper floor of Ship's Right provides numerous, spacious rooms for lodging that are often used by visitors to the commune.   While Oltumurans can drink and eat for free at the inn, outsiders are expected to offer monetary compensation. Ship's Right accepts Labarean currency.

Purpose / Function

The inn was built as a meeting spot for fishermen, providing them with a place to rest up and socialize. In time, Ship's Right became a cultural hotbed, too, as fishers brought the songs they would sing while sailing into the inn and developed the distinct Oltsong style, a guttural, lamenting singing style that is punctuated by claps and drums. This way, Ship's Right also obtained an important cultural role and many musicians and poets now seek out its corner stage.


The inn has been built as if it's inside the hull of a ship. There's no outside light coming in -- all light come from lanterns hanging inside the inn -- and the main room is separated from the kitchen by a counter and a wooden door that contains a porthole.   Multiple tables litter the room, most of them accomodating large groups. The southeastern corner of the inn is dedicated to a stage for performances.


The inn has no defenses to speak of.
Founding Date
702 LC
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners

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