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Representatives of the Communes

The Representatives of the Communes is the body of individuals sent to the Qosid capital Thellur to represent their (recognized) commune in partial or full assemblies. Each commune can send maximally one representative, often a village elder or local leader. The process with which a commune decides who is their Representative varies per commune.  

Call for Assembly

In principle, the individual Representatives live in their own commune, unless called to the capital for an assembly by the Gwyfales. If such a call arrives, it is formulated using a mandatory three-fold structure: a problem, a proposal and an impact. The problem describes which issue needs a political solution, the proposal suggests a way to solve the problem and the impact describes how this proposal would in all likelihood affect the commune. The commune then discusses the call during a communal assembly in the presence of their Representative, so that the Representative can leave for Thellur with a clear mandate: being absolutely in favor or against the proposal, or being conditionally in favor of or against the proposal.  

Decision-making in Thellur

In Thellur, all Representatives stay in Bothandal's Hall for the duration of the Assembly. They can exchange ideas and discuss politics however they see fit, but decision-making and collective deliberation happens in the Thallidien, hosted by the Gwyfales who moderates discussion and ensures opinions are heard and given argumentative weight. Through this process, a new, synthesized proposal takes shape. The Representatives are then asked to vote on this new proposal, or withold. A typical proposal passes with a simple majority vote, but the Gwyfales can decide to increase or decrease the bar for passing a proposal in advance of an assembly. If more than a fifth of the Representatives withold their vote, they are sent back to their communes to discuss the new proposal locally and receive a new mandate, leading to a new assembly.  

Roles of the Representative

The above system was designed to ensure the Representatives have a solely administrative role, channeling the spirit of their commune into the Thallidien assemblies. Yet in practice, Representatives can move beyond their mandate. As new proposals are synthesized during assemblies, Representatives can take the liberty of being easily persuaded, or not at all. In addition, experienced Representatives will be able to identify other communes whose Representative might be shifted towards one or the other outcome. This is especially true if longer-term alliances can be built, in which one Representative agrees to vote along with another on the condition that this is reciprocated during another assembly.   In addition to this policy-making role, the Representatives also play a judicial role in Qosidian Law.  

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