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The Thallidien is the central structure in Thellur, which houses a circular theatre and the offices of the Gwyfales. The Thallidien is used as a site for performances and for the full and partial assemblies held by the Representatives of the Communes, known as Thallidien Assemblies.

Purpose / Function

The Thallidien's primary role is as a communal area for political deliberation. It can house all the Representatives of the Communes within the inner circle of the structure, leaving the circumfering seats open for anyone wishing to spectate. When used for this purpose, the stage at the back is meant for the Gwyfales, who serves to facilitate and encourage collective discussion. Sometimes, Representatives or guests are invited on stage to explain or defend a policy proposal they are making.


The Thallidien is built from stone walls, but it's roof is made of large wooden planks tiling inward. The planks do not perfectly close off the roof, which is why large leaves grow on top of the structure. Along the walls of the Thallidien, eternally blooming flowers decorate the inside of the building, filling it with a sweet aroma that has been claimed to promote the fair exchange of ideas.
Founding Date
2400 BLC
Public hall / house
Parent Location
Related Tradition (Primary)

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