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The Thallidien is the central structure in Thellur, which houses a circular theatre and the offices of the Gwyfales. The Thallidien is used as a site for performances and for the full and partial assemblies held by the Representatives of the Communes of the Communes, known as Thallidien Assemblies.

Purpose / Function

The Thallidien's primary role is as a communal area for political deliberation. It can house all the Representatives of the Communes within the inner circle of the structure, leaving the circumfering seats open for anyone wishing to spectate. When used for this purpose, the stage at the back is meant for the Gwyfales, who serves to facilitate and encourage collective discussion. Sometimes, Representatives or guests are invited on stage to explain or defend a policy proposal they are making.


The Thallidien is built from stone walls, but it's roof is made of large wooden planks tiling inward. The planks do not perfectly close off the roof, but large leaves grow on top of the structure. Along the walls of the Thallidien, eternally blooming flowers decorate the inside of the building, filling it with a sweet aroma that has been claimed to promote the fair exchange of ideas.


The Thallidien is an ancient site for collective decision-making and one of the oldest locations in Oltumur, outranked only by the Light of the Elves. It arose near the Silver River, in what is currently the Market District of Thellur and it is thought to have emerged as a meeting place of nomadic wood elves who hailed from both present-day Qosid and the area currently known as The Mistlands. The Thallidien is where they discussed their lives and their desires and where they forged agreements.   In the early days, the role of Gwyfales was taken on through voting or lottery if a collective decision needed to be made. This 'master of reason' was tasked with tracking discussion, prompting community members to explicate their position and to summarize the important points that were raised during discussion. While there were certainly elves who excelled at this task and who took on the mantle of the Gwyfales regularly, it was not a fixed position.   This started changing after 1903 BLC, when Olyxx the Uniter brought Qosid into the Kingdom of Laeryll. At the time, there was already a sizable amount of communes in Qosid, but they were practically independent from one another. Olyxx the Uniter had invited key members from these independent communes to join him at the site of the Thallidien and had persuaded them to join the kingdom under his rule. They agreed that the Thallidien would be the place to convene on a regular basis to discuss those decisions that would affect the whole kingdom - matters that would later become known as Crown Law.   This new-found purpose for the Thallidien changed the way the site was used. For a thousand years, wood elves from all stripes had used the grounds for discussion and decision-making, but now it became more common for established, esteemed commune members to convene on a regular basis. Over the centuries, this new system evolved into the system of Representatives of the Communes electing a dedicated Gwyfales and discussing politics and decision-making within the mandate handed to them by their respective communes. This changed the structure of the Thallidien, which started offering lodging, archives, legal scholars (Zakofales) and grew into a large complex dedicated to political decision-making.
Founding Date
2400 BLC
Public hall / house
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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