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Light of the Elves

Situated in the Raven's District of Thellur, the Light of the Elves is a large fire that is permanently lit. Legend has it that it when the elves came to Laeryll, they found only darkness. They persuaded Llorix to bring light to the world and the sun god did so by lighting the fire in Thellur. Legend says that if the fire is ever put out, the world will be covered in darkness again.

Purpose / Function

The Light of the Elves exists to bring light to the world and the Communes of Qosid see it as their responsibility to maintain and protect the fire. In their view, the fire is also an act of worship, honoring Llorix and thereby ensuring that light, fire and insight are brought to the world.


Originally a large bonfire, the wood elves have built protective, circular walls around the Light of the Elves, which is currently in the middle of the city. There walls contain shrines to Llorix and at the eastern side they provide access to a tower that allows worshipers of Llorix to meditate during sunrise or during special holidays.


The walls around the fire are manned by a fire-worshiping cult dedicated to Llorix. Named the Burners, they tend to the fire and arrange for its fuel.


Visitors from outside of Thellur will always come to see the flames of the Light of the Elves. It is a magnificent display, especially at night. While the best view is arguably from the Garden District, it is a spectacular experience to stand closer to the enormous fire.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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