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Rybalou is a Qosidian commune located on the south bank of Lake Olt. Originally a commune of carpenters and toolmakers, it grew to include glassblowers, weaponsmiths and other artisans.   After the Invasion of Silimanis, wood elves returned from the coastal land and sought out communes in Qosid. Among them were skilled crafters who were unhappy to leave behind the human market economy. They decided to join the commune of Rybalou and reformed it through its assemblies. Currently, it is the most market-oriented of all communes, trading heavily with Arkos Plains, Oltumur and Thellur.


Assembly and decision-making

While Rybalou has regular assemblies in which all its inhabitants participate, their voting process differs markedly from other communes. Each commune member can initiate a vote by purchasing an assembly at a self-determined cost. This money is placed in the 'assembly fund', which is used to invest in defense and infrastructure. After purchasing an assembly, the Representative of the Commune issues a number of voting ballots that is equal to twice the inhabitant count. These ballots are then priced in such a way that their total value is identical to the cost of the assembly.   Commune members are then given a tenday to purchase up to two ballots and can then trade the ballots, so that members who find a specific vote especially important can spend additional money to have more influence on the decision. Income from the initial purchases again flows into the assembly fund.   During the actual assemblies, matters are debated and votes are cast only after this deliberative phase.
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