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Aksdus (fortified place near splendid falls is one of the Communes of Qosid and formidable hunting commune, home to legendary archers, knife-fighters and assassins. Decisions in Aksdus are made by collective deliberation and supermajority vote. Votes are counted if no new arguments surface.   Aksdus is skeptical of politics and has installed a humiliation procedure for anyone who wishes to become Representative.


Aksdus consists entirely of wood elves and is dedicated to hunting. The labor division within the commune relates only to hunting style, with archers, knife-throwers and trappers being clearly separated specialisms. In all other domains -- whether cooking, construction or other necessities of life -- work is shared by all commune members.


The commune is overseen by the Straledalis (literally: servant of the bows), who also functions as the commune's Representative. The Straledalis coordinates communal work and leads local assemblies.   Under Aksdus Tree Law, the procedure to become a Straledalis is by undergoing public abuse and humiliation, which serves to destroy the ego of the ambitious wood elf. Once broken, the new Straledalis is to spend a year in relative isolation, living off scraps and only being visited for alternating rounds of moral lessons and unwarranted cruelty. Through this process, the Straledalis become servile to the commune.   In this role, the Straledalis monitors the hunting success of commune members. Those who structurally provide less food than others will be brought before a local assembly, where the commune decides on proper punishment. Often, this is to live 'away from the hunt', which means to perform only the menial tasks and live in shame for a set amount of time. If the situation is worse (because of low skill), the failed hunter will be sent on a nomadic quest to hunt down a specific animal.

Industry & Trade

Trade with Aksdus is limited, although wood elves from elsewhere visit the commune to receive training in hunting and always come bearing gifts. The commune is very appreciative of exotic weaponry.


The wood elves of Aksdus do not use roads, but instead use their deep knowledge of the forest to get around easily. Within the commune, some of the houses are built in trees, while others are overgrown bunkers.   A waterwheel that connects to the nearby falls can be used to drive tools, but has fallen into a state of disarray. A bloomery is used to smelt iron for forging arrowheads, blades and spearheads.
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