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Zodan is the god of the sea, the rivers and water in general, as well as movement and sports. It is said was born from the sweat of Khandar and Llorix, when they were wrestling to determine who would become the Supreme Lord.   A famous site of worship for Zodan is the White Temple in @Aeclyra, Silimanis, where healers dedicated to the watergod once resided. Another organization with strong ties to Zodan is the network of newsmen named The Traveling Word. Temples of Zodan often double as arenas for sports competitions.

Divine Domains

Water, movement and sports.


In early Derwik, Zodanite temples celebrate Cleansing, during which worshipers visit holy sources and basins to wash away their sins and repent, after which they engage in sports competitions. Emerging victorious from tournaments or duels is considered to be a sign that Zodan has succesfully washed away the sins.
Pantheon of Twelve
Organization | May 22, 2021
Divine Classification

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