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Pantheon of Twelve

The Pantheon of Twelve is the collection of gods that is currently worshiped by most cultures on the Northern and Southern Arm. The Pantheon of Twelve has replaced the Bird Gods even in the elven Kingdom of Laeryll, although some communes in Qosid and virtually all of Shyfayll still worship those old gods.   There are groups that focus predominantly on one specific deity and some individuals might feel especially connected to their own selection. Yet throughout the world, all these deities are considered to be deserving of worship.  

The deities of the Pantheon of Twelve

  • Llorix, god of sun, light, insight and summer
  • Forx, god of autumn, magic, loss and death
  • Khandar, god of winter, resilience, earth and mountains
  • Ildan, goddess of spring, birth, health, magic and creativity
  • Ush, god of justice, law, war and valor
  • Dorgoth, god of knowledge, understanding and technology
  • Kael, goddess of beauty, love, attraction and bonding
  • Klanek, god of blacksmithing and commerce
  • Tyra, goddess of music, fun, beer and wine
  • Simka, goddess of hunting, fortune and randomness
  • Waye, goddess of trees, plants and animals
  • Zodan, god of water, movement, travel and sports
Religious, Pantheon

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