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Cannu Kytathun


Cannu Kytathun is the Representative of the Commune Yhahivit and a priest of Zodan. He was born in Aeclyra, Silimanis, where he became The Whisperer (Bur) of the White Temple. As a Whisperer, Kytathun spoke to the water god Zodan. In 724 LC, when Olyxx the Young issued the Decree of Returning, Kytathun led the Aeclyra commune out of Silimanis and went northwards, to Qosid. After a perilous journey, the commune arrived at the location of Yhahivit, where they built a new temple around a powerful spring of water. Much revered by the community that grew around this spring, Yhahivit chose Kythathun to be their Representative in Thellur.
Current Location
Year of Birth
304 LC 600 Years old
Aligned Organization

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