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The Kingdom of StormHaven is a proud and honorable kingdom. Known for its Knights and Weaponry. The Kingdom has been ruled by the noble house of Gale since it was founded centuries ago. The Current king is King Jakis Gale, "The StormCaller". In the year SF 980 King Jakis rediscovered the sword known as Tempest, the Moonblade that has served the Gale house since before the Kingdom was founded. With StormHaven having re-built its strength from the destruction of the Gods War, Jakis ordered that the land lost in the Gods War be reclaimed in the name of StormHaven.   The duchies of The Harrow, and Glenobar were reclaimed for StormHaven in 985 and 987 after the Knights of StormHaven cleared out the bandits who claimed themselves holders of those lands.   StormHaven is about 490 miles across.

Technological Level

StormHaven places a large emphasis on enchantment, the people of StormHaven largely use magic to strengthen there physical equipment, and over the years this has given the Enchanters of StormHaven an unparalleled ability.   While the knowledge of there creation was lost long before the succession war that split the empire, some StormHaven noble houses are still the proud owners of a Moonblade. These blades are symbols of great renown, and there creation was the greatest forging and enchantment accomplishment of the StormHaven Empire.


The Patron Gods of StormHaven are Akel and Aimonval

Foreign Relations

Ancestral Rivals with the Kingdom of Lorem, friendly with the Kingdom of Aminara
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Major Exports
Enchanted Armor, Weapons, Jewelry,   Also exports Regular armor and weapons   Wine from the various vineyards.
Major Imports
Mithril and Adamantium from the Gilded Throat Mountains, along with stone used in construction
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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Age Of Arcanum

When the Golden Dragon King vanished with the rest of the Dragons, the Empire of StormHaven began to run itself.

  • 4547 AR

    Second Seed

    The Succession War of StormHaven
    Military action

    The Emperor of StormHaven, Zanros Gale died, and his two sons went to war over the succession. The Kingdom of Lorem was born.

    Additional timelines


The current time period, after the destruction of StarFall at the end of the Gods War.

  • 745 SF

    13 Hearthfire
    746 SF

    16 First Breath

    1st War for the Riverlands
    Military action

    Aminara declares War for the Riverlands, the duchy south of the Crystal River.

  • 755 SF

    20 Storm Fall
    755 SF

    12 Mid Year

    2nd War for the Riverlands
    Military action

    StormHaven declares war to retake the Riverlands.

  • 760 SF

    4 Mid Year
    760 SF

    18 Hearthfire

    3rd War for the Riverlands.
    Military action

    Aminara attempts to invade the Riverlands.

  • 760 SF

    11 Frost Fall

    Treaty of The Crystal River
    Diplomatic action

    The King of Aminara and the King of StormHaven finally sign a peace treaty, The Riverlands are firmly apart of StormHaven.

  • 767 SF

    1 Cold Dawn
    767 SF

    20 First Seed

    Castle Ulnan
    Construction beginning/end

    The Castle known as Fort Ulan is built.

  • 771 SF

    12 Fire Light

    Rebuilding of Nilonora
    Construction beginning/end

    The city of Nilonora is rebuilt where it formerly stood, now with the protection of Castle Ulan.

  • 861 SF

    8 Fire Light

    Death of King Waylin
    Life, Death

    King Waylin Gale dies, and Prince Jakis becomes King of StormHaven.

  • 980 SF

    14 Storm Fall

    Battle Of Chillspire Pass
    Military action

    A battle is fought along the border of StormHaven and Lorem, the location of the legendary Moonblade, Arrn was discovered to reside in a temple not far from Chillspire Pass. Both Kingdoms attempted to retrieve the blade, and King Jakis Gale of StormHaven won the day, recovering the weapon.

    The Frozen Peaks
  • 980 SF

    15 Storm Fall

    The Moonblade, Arrn, is found for StormHaven
    Discovery, Exploration

    King Jakis Gale discovered his Ancestral Moonblade, Arrn

    Additional timelines


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