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Church of the Great Divines

The Church of the Great Divines is the official church of Illios, the Church Authority is the ruling body of the Church of the Great Divines, and of the Holy Kingdom of Farengon.   The Church worships each of the 9 Gods who created the World. The Church Authority is comprised of a high Priest/Priestess for each of the 9 Gods.   Each of the Gods has a weapon associated with them. Followers of the Gods will often use these weapons out of respect for their God.     Akel - Leader of the Gods, God of Law, Wisdom, and Rule (Divine Right) *Rapier*   Dizay - Mother Goddess, Patron Goddess of the arts (Music, Painting, Etc.) Beauty, and Marriage *Glaive*   Turok - God of the forge, worshipped by most dwarves (Cause Duh) *Warhammer*   Gora - God of War & Courage *Greatsword/GreatAxe*   Dimo - God the Sea, Rivers, Ships, Sailing, Storms, Sea creatures, etc. (If it is in the water, it almost certainly falls under Dimo’s Domain) *Trident*   Aimonval - God of Mercy, Honor, Justice. *Longsword*   Zim - Goddess of Luck, Those blessed by Zim can find themselves falling into great fortune, but Luck is a fickle thing. *Shortsword* Chaotic AF   Kynimar - Goddess of Magic and Nature *Quarterstaff*   MonKai - God of Death, the Afterlife, and the Soul *Pike*   in addition there are the 5 Saints. The Heros who stopped SarFall The Champion of Akel was the Human Warrior, Slymor. The Champion of Dizay was the Elven Sorceress, Ameria Loch. The Champion of Turok was the Dwarven Paladin, Dera StoneSpeaker The Champion of Kynimar was the Half-Elven Druid - Alminar The Champion of Gora was the Goliath Barbarian - Nanoth StormBreaker


Acolytes are the lowest in authority. Above them are the priests. Each city will have at least 1 priest for each God. Above the Priests are the Bishops, usually there is 1 Bishop per Duchy. for Whatever God is most popular in that duchy, but there can be two or more if some Gods are equally popular in the region. Above the priests are the Archbishops. There is one Archbishop per Kingdom per god. And Finally there is the High Priests. There are only ever 9 High Priests, one for each God. all 9 high priests share equal power in the Church Authority, there is no singular leader.    Each rank is appointed by the rank(s) above it. And only for the same God. E.x. An Acolyte of Dimo can only be appointed by a Priest of Dimo   The High Priests are elected from the archbishops of that God, an archbishop can not vote for themselves. And they remain in that position until death or until they are not capable of the position.
Religious, Organised Religion
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