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Akel is the God of law and Wisdom, he is revered for his wisdom and guidance, and is often seen as a dispenser of justice and a defender of the lawful order. Akel's followers believe that he gives rulers the divine right to rule, and that those who rule justly and wisely will receive his blessings and guidance. He is often depicted as a wise and thoughtful deity, who weighs all options before making a decision. In addition to being the God of law and wisdom, Akel may also be seen as a patron of scholars, sages, and other wise individuals who seek to understand the world and use their knowledge to benefit others.   Akel is often depicted as a stately, regal figure with a commanding presence. He is typically depicted with a long beard and flowing hair, signifying his wisdom and experience. His eyes are often depicted as piercing and keen, reflecting his unwavering determination to see justice served.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Light, Order, Peace.


Wisdom's Blade: A magical rapier that is said to grant its wielder heightened knowledge and perception. This artifact might be used to defend the truth and expose falsehoods, as well as to protect the innocent and bring justice to the guilty.   Crown of the Blessed: A ceremonial crown that is said to grant its wearer divine authority and the power to rule with fairness and wisdom.   Plate of Righteousness: A set of enchanted plate armor that is said to be forged from rare metals and imbued with divine power. This armor is said to provide exceptional protection against physical and magical threats, as well as to grant its wearer wisdom and clarity of thought. The armor is adorned with intricate designs and symbols that represent the ideals of law and justice, and is said to be impossible to wear by anyone who is not pure of heart. Champions of the deity are said to be the only ones worthy of donning this armor, and it is often seen as a symbol of their status and mission.   Tome of Akel's understanding: A holy book or scroll containing teachings and wisdom that are believed to be from the deity.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

a Sun with a Crown in the middle.

Tenets of Faith

Respect Authority   Follow Wisdom over emotion   Act in good faith and with honesty


Day of Enlightenment: A holiday that celebrates the wisdom and guidance that Akel offers to his followers. On this day, the faithful might gather in temples and shrines to listen to sermons and read from the Tome of Wisdom, or to attend special classes and workshops where they can learn more about Akel's teachings.   Crowning of the Just: A ceremony held periodically to honor Akel's chosen rulers and champions. During this event, the ruler or champion is presented with the Crown of Authority, and is anointed with sacred oils and blessed by Akel's priests. This ceremony is seen as a reaffirmation of the ruler's divine right to rule, and is often attended by dignitaries, ambassadors, and other important figures from across the realm.   Talisman of Protection Day: A minor holiday celebrated by Akel's followers to commemorate the gifts of protection and guidance that the deity offers. On this day, the faithful might wear their Talismans of Protection, or participate in communal rituals and prayers to honor Akel.
Divine Classification

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